Unify your business communications and document processes with one easy-to-access platform, available on any device.

Switch from paper to digital, seamlessly.

A12 Cloud Unifies your business communication on one platform, that's easy to use, anywhere. Benefit from expert support, focused on your unique needs.

A12 Cloud Solutions

Tailored digital solutions for your problems.

The software & apps that VBBS installs meet the latest security standards. They not only improve the productivity of your employees but will also save costs in the long term. VBBS offers the right solution for every organization.

Ricoh Smart Integration

Revolutionize your workflow

Streamline your document workflows

Ricoh Smart Integration transforms your multifunctional printer into a hub of cloud apps and workflow integrations. It's like adding apps to your smartphone, but for your printer. With Ricoh's Plug & Play apps, you get straightforward activation without needing a technician.


Easily print from office 365 folders directly, bypassing office servers.


Scan and convert physical documents into digital formats like Excel, Word or PDF in a snap.


Instantly save these files to cloud services like office 365, Dropbox, Google Drive, Docuware or AFAS.


Effortless document management

Smart Classification, Secure Archiving

DocuWare intelligently organizes your documents, from paper to digital, ensuring easy access and secure storage. it integrates seamlessly with your current system, enhancing your Document Management System (DMS) with efficient tools and connectivity, for swift access and data exchange within your management software ecosystem.




Data Capture





Print & Share

Simplify your document workflow

Effortless document customisation and distribution

Streamline your document handling with Print & Share, the solution that automates document customisation and distribution. Add logos, terms, and more with ease, while maximizing your printer's capabilities. Share documents via email, fax, or digital files with a single click. Discover the simplicity of managing document flows to various destinations, including as PDFs and XML, all while using your standard printer driver.


Effortlessly enhance documents with logos and terms, utilizing your printer to its full potential.


Distribute documents quickly through email, priniting, fax, or digital formats with just one click.

Click and Post

Streamlined document delivery

Send documents your way, anywhere, anytime

With Click & Post by Ricoh, optimise your document delivery accross multiple channels effortlessly

Whether it's a letter, email, SMS, or fax, securely send your documents from any device. Simply upload your documents, add the address, hit send, and let Click & Post handle the rest.


Upload documents


Add address details


Then simply hit send


Connect and communicate with ease

Seamless communication accross platforms, anywhere, anytime.

With our VOIP solutions, enhance your communication through cloud-based meetings, contact centres, and PBX systems with ease. Manage calls with unmatched clarity and dependability from any device. Simply connect and allow our VOIP system to support your conversations, ensuring you remain connected efficiently and effectively.




Contact centers


PBX Centrales


Real-time control & business insight

Seamless administration across your enterprise, effortlessly.

Leverage our CRM software to streamline your business operations—invoice, manage customers, and connect with accountants effortlessly. Our unified platform delivers essential insights and seamless contact management, bolstering sales tracking and financial oversight. Stay ahead with automated reminders and simple document control, all accessible anywhere, for smarter, quicker business decisions.

Dashboard highlights

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Customer Management/CRM

Efficiently manage customers and leads with follow-ups, and easily link documents and photos.


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UWT would definitely recommend VBBS to our acquaintances. Their service and products are top quality. I was very satisfied with the follow-up of my order with VBBS. They kept me informed every step of the way. The installation fully met my expectations. It was done quickly, efficiently and professionally. The invoiced prices were fully in line with what VBBS had suggested. No surprises, just honesty. The additional explanations provided by VBBS were very helpful. They made sure I understood everything. VBBS is very helpful in case of problems. They are always willing to help and find a solution quickly.

Isi Strolli


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