A12 Inkt Shop is home to over 25 000 office products, supplied to businesses of all sizes.

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A12 INKT SHOP is a fully online office supply store, provising stationery and other office essentials to a broad host of professions, institutions and non-profit organizations. With a high quality guarantee and competitive prices, we strive for a win/win situation for every customer. Order today and receive your products the following buisness day.


Here is what our customers have to say about us:

UWT would definitely recommend VBBS to our acquaintances. Their service and products are top quality. I was very satisfied with the follow-up of my order with VBBS. They kept me informed every step of the way. The installation fully met my expectations. It was done quickly, efficiently and professionally. The invoiced prices were fully in line with what VBBS had suggested. No surprises, just honesty. The additional explanations provided by VBBS were very helpful. They made sure I understood everything. VBBS is very helpful in case of problems. They are always willing to help and find a solution quickly.

Isi Strolli


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